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Approach Pest Control 4 Sydney for the high-quality rat and mice removal services in Sydney. Rats cause a lot of nuisance as well as damages to your property. They are also capable of spreading life-threatening diseases. So, always choose specialist pest controllers to eliminate them. Our Mouse Removal Sydney team uses powerful products to deliver the best rat control services. We offer 365 days rodent control services to all our clients. The following are the list of services we offer:

  • It is necessary to control these rats as soon as possible. So, taking this into consideration our Rat exterminators are offering Emergency rat extermination services in Sydney.
  • We do offer same-day rat control services at no extra cost.
  • Contact us at any time for superior quality rat inspection and removal services. Because our services are available 24/7.
  • Protect your commercial properties from the damages caused by rats by availing of our commercial rat control services.
  • You can also contact us for availing cost-effective pre-purchase rat inspection services in Sydney.

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Four Steps That Will Solve Your Mice Problem

To resolve your mice issues in Sydney, our mouse removal Sydney team uses a 4 step control process. Have a look at it below.

Step 1. Contact us

Firstly, all you have to do is approach us. You can do it either by filling out the form available online or simply placing a call on our toll-free number. Our mice removal staff is available to take bookings 24 by 7.

Step 2. Survey/Inspection

Our licensed mouse removalists will come to your location within an hour or so and start inspecting it. During the inspection, we search for mouse hiding spots, their possible entry points and the source that made them infest your property. Later, based on the detailed mouse inspection results, we share a control/removal plan with you.

Step 3. Treatment

We seal off the entry holes, remove all droppings and trap mice using bait stations, glue traps and poison, etc. We can use either one or a mix of methods to exterminate the mouse infestation. Also, you can be stress-free as all of our mouse control methods are pre-tested and safe.

Step 4. Aftercare

Lastly, we sanitise the treated area to ensure it is unattractive for mice. Also, we suggest a few of the best aftercare tips. In addition to this, we share a documentation report of the treatment done as well as suggest follow up services (if required).

Essential Tips And Tricks To Control Rats

Are you fed up with the rat’s infestation in your house? Then follow the below-mentioned tips to control them.

Cease Entry Points

Holes and cracks inside or outside of your house act as entry points for rodents. So, identify all the cracks as well as holes and close them to stop the entry of these pests into your home.

Use Pepper as a rodent repellent

Pepper acts as the best rodent repellent. Spray the pepper spray or sprinkle the crushed pepper near the rat openings. It helps to irritate rats as well as make them leave your house.

Stop Food Source

Rodents enter your house in search of food. So, always keep food items in a closed container. It helps to prevent food sources from rodents. So, they will leave your house.

Clean Up Clutter

Clutter provides a place for rats to hide. So, always make sure that your house is clutter-free to avoid rat infestation.

Always keep your bins Closed

Avoid access to rats for garbage bins by closing them. It helps to reduce mice infestation in your house.

Mice Infestation Signs

Look at the below-given signs that help you know whether your place is having a mouse infestation or not:

  • Mouse Droppings: Fresh mouse droppings are moist and dark. After some time, it ages and becomes grey. You can find these droppings under the sink area, in cupboards and in drawers.
  • Gnaw Marks: When compared to droppings, mouse gnaw marks are lighter and get darker after some time. Mouses make smaller gnaw marks than rats.
  • A Bad Odour: In case, your cat or dog is suddenly super active and is roaming around a certain area where the mouse is present.
  • Runways and Tracks: Using a flashlight, you can see footprints of mice inside your house. Further, they are more visible around droppings, leftover food items and spilled drinks.
  • Mouse Nests: A mouse can nest in the garbage. They further use items like paper, fabric or dry plant material to make their nests.
  • Scratching Noises: If things are falling down at night, or you hear any scratching noises around doors and walls, you surely have a mouse infestation at your place.

Our 5 Strengths As A Mice Control Team In Sydney

We are a leading choice of all Sydney residents for effective and long-lasting mouse removal services. By serving both residential and commercial spaces, our mouse removal Sydney company has become a reliable service provider in the area. Here are 5 key reasons why you must call us for mouse removal:

  • Same Day Service: We work on the same day service principle. You surely receive the service within 24 hours of calling us.
  • Pet and Kid-friendly service: We use non-toxic, natural and green products to eliminate mice from your premise. Our service is safe for kids and pets.
  • Pocket-friendly Treatments: We design a mouse removal plan that is both effective and budget-friendly. Call us for affordable mouse removal Sydney service.
  • Certified Pest Removalists: Each of our mouse removal experts is licensed and experienced in offering amazing services that show quick results.
  • Local and Registered Company: We are a local mouse pest removal company in Sydney. Further, with 25+ years of experience, we offer services in a professional manner.


Yes, our Rat Exterminators offer residential rat control services in Sydney.

As the self-control method does not give you the desired results, it is important to hire professional pest controllers for the best outcomes.

House mice are very comfortable in human environments. Inside your home, they can live for about 2 years and even more.

Mouses are often known as breeding machines. Their gestating duration is 19-21 days. Further, a female mouse becomes pregnant 5 to 10 times a year and can produce about 3 to 14 babies at a time.

Yes, you can. Since mice carry a lot of infections on them, they easily get spread to the human body either by coming in contact with them or by nearing them. Indirectly, mice can infect you by contaminating your items, food and water.

Well, mice usually do not bite. However, another risk that comes while having a mouse at your place is diseases and infections they spread. A single mouse at home can put your health at risk. So, do call a professional mice control as soon as you observe mice signs at home.

A mouse is capable of fitting through a hole or crack of about 1/4th of an inch or more. Further, a mouse can even pass through a hole of width like a pen. Most mice are seen infesting buildings, as buildings provide them with a lot of entry holes. So, regularly inspect your place for mice entry points and seal them.

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